What is a Sparrow

This small bird often symbolizes joy and protections, but it can also be a symbol of simplicity and community. Sparrows can appear in groups, providing safety and security, while teamwork and hard work are what make sparrows productive. They are known to live in community, cooperating among themselves, and sharing their responsiblitites. Sparrows are industrious, cooperative, protective, and adaptable, all while exhibiting and bringing joy. Sparrows are songbirds.

At Sparrow Partners, we take great pride in our namesake and endeavor to emulate these traits in all that we do.

Our Mission

We Build Community

Sparrow exists to create thriving communities by having a passionate and steadfast commitment to our residents and a common pursuit of excellence in design, construction, and management.

Our Values

We Live and Work by the following values

  • Put people first always.
  • Say what you mean and do what your say.
  • Remember, everyday you are doing something that matters.
  • Treat everyone equally.
  • Practice hard, pass the ball, be a team player.
  • Have fun.


Jeff Patterson

Co-founder, CEO

Matt Heininger

Co-founder, Managing Partner

Luke Bourlon

Co-founder, President of Development